our coffee

Our Coffee

We believe we have a super delicious coffee roast.

We’ve worked very hard with our friends at Perk & Pearl to create the blend. Our blend is a medium roast of organic coffee from Peru and Brazil. It is 100% arabica that has a deep chocolatey sweetness with nutty vanilla tones from the high grown Brazillian coffee. This combination also creates fruit like acidity that produces a gorgeous, lingering finish.

We also have a decaffeinated coffee which is a medium roast, organic Peruvian Swiss water method. It is a gorgeous organic coffee from Peru that has been decaffeinated using the natural Swiss water method. This leaves a lovely chocolatey sweetness and it also supports women farmers in Peru.

Our coffee can be purchased in store if you want to recreate some Cafe 1809 deliciousness at home. It’s available in whole bean, ground and decaffeinated ground. To help you create the perfect coffee at home here’s some loving help.